Reading came out on top in a scrappy League One affair against Northampton Town, winning 1-0 at the SCL Stadium.

Take a look at some reaction from boss Ruben Selles below.

Selles on performance

"I don’t think I got a big performance. I think I got a massive result, but I don’t think we got a massive performance. It was our best game, nowhere near to be good enough from any of us. It was an equal game with both teams having chances. I think Northampton are a good team, very solid, but I expected a bit more from us.

Selles on Joel Pereira

"We made a change and Joel Pereira is fighting for that position. He was really good today, kept us in the game in those moments. It is not only him in those moments- Jeriel arrives for example- to force enough to not have a clear situation to score. The team is making effort there. It has been, without players like Jeriel, Tyler or Charlie away, difficult to reconnect. We can do better.

Selles on Kelvin Ehibhatiomhan impact

"We know the squad and the players we have. Ben has been consistent in the last three or four games for us in that position and Kelvin has been fantastic when he comes in and changes the tempo of the game. We know we have some variation in that position and it’s very good to see it all connected.

Selles on what he wants to see more of

"Don’t misunderstand me, I will take the victory any day. we have some games in the season where we played a better game than today and didn’t get anything at all. Today was not our best game- we can do better- but we were consistent enough to get the three points.

"It’s not like they weren’t showing me or they weren’t good, I think it’s as a team. there were four situations, for them, that were coming from our transitions. We needed to connect the first pass and they turned our transition into their transition. In situations like the first big chance when we had a structure, we should not lose our structure. It is my responsibility to help them understand those positions. In possession, there were some clear possibilities that we didn’t reach, especially in the first half with Femi. We need to work to do it better.

It cannot be a trend. I don’t think it’s a trend, it’s a game and anyone can have it. I don’t think it’s a bad game or a good game, it was an average game that can happen in the season. I want a better game."