Reading boss Ruben Selles admits he does still not feel 'calmness' despite positive news that the club are in exclusive negotiations over a takeover. 

The Royals, who have been attempting to rid themselves of Dai Yongge for eight months, are hoping to have a deal confirmed within two months after signing a letter of intent.

Avoiding points deductions by paying the latest set of bills, the on-field side look set to maintain League One status with seven matches to go.

However, the Spaniard has admitted that he is still not resting on his laurels.

"I don’t feel that word," he said when quizzed on calmness. "I know there was a situation with the club statement but that doesn’t bring any calmness to me. I think the process is correct because there needs to be some confidentiality so not everybody needs to know, but I don’t know anything so for me we are in exactly the same situation.

"For the moment, we didn’t get any points deductions and I hope the club can keep it like that for the rest of the season. It should not even be a conversation."

Royals fans, in an attempt to stave off points deductions, had begun to raise thousands of pounds to contribute to fill a £1m shortfall.

Thankfully it has not been needed, and the boss admits he would have found it difficult to accept any 'charity.'

"I like that they are promoting how much they love their team," he said. "There is some points that we discussed with the technical staff that are not fair. It is not fair that we need supplies- for me it is like we are asking for charity. I think the fans do it with their best intentions, but there are some things I would not want to accept as a person because I think the money should be better deployed with people who need it more than us paying for hotels or something.

"It is a dilemma because I know they want to support the club, but at the end of the day we have an ownership structure and management group that should take care of the club, not rely on the charity of fans because someone can’t run the club properly."