Berkshire politicians have been reacting to the news that Reading Football Club have entered 'exclusive negotiations' with the latest stage of any takeover now underway.

News broke on Tuesday that Mr Dai had 'committed to a letter of intent' with an unnamed buyer but the club have warned that it will likely take up to two months for any deal to officially go through.

A glimmer of hope after months of negativity among the fanbase, supporters and local figures have opted for cautious optimism in the coming weeks.

Wokingham Liberal Democrats councillor, Clive Jones, said: "This is absolutely fantastic news for Reading, it’s loyal fans, and the local community. The training ground being included in a potential sale is also hugely important for the club’s future.

"I hope that in the coming weeks and months terms can be agreed, and a new owner is willing and capable of making significant investment in the club leading to a bright future for Reading Football Club."

Reading East MP said: "Some important news. I hope the club can be sold to a new owner who can take the club forward."

Meanwhile, Bracknell MP James Sunderland added: "Potentially big news for Reading. Full credit to those who listed the SCL Stadium as an asset of community value and saved Bearwood. Dai, your time is up - Long live the Royals!"

Reading fan group Sell Before We Dai added: "Naturally we are delighted to see movement on the sale of the club, but as always with communications involving Mr Dai, this statement provides as many questions as answers.

"The most obvious elephant in the room is that the exclusivity partner has not been named. We respect that a deal as complicated as this one requires discretion, but when Mr Dai’s entire stewardship has been characterised by secrecy and shadowy behaviour, we reserve the right to be uneasy at this lack of transparency.

"This season, those who love Reading Football Club have been forced to ride the most emotional of rollercoasters. Rather than going around again, we would like to get off. We implore the potential buyer to reach out to STAR and the wider fanbase as soon as possible to provide some reassurances.

"We also need to stress that ‘exclusivity’ does not mean ‘done deal’ and as outlined in the statement, there is still some way to go before we can truly celebrate the end of the Dai regime. This may be the beginning of the end, but it is still just the beginning.

"However, though we are preaching caution, there is clear reason to be optimistic. It appears shortfalls and HMRC have been covered, but the most exciting part of the statement is that the deal includes the football club, the stadium and the training ground - all of the assets we believe should belong to, and be used by, Reading Football Club and nobody else. Our fans played a part in making this possible.

"The next two months will be riddled with speculation and we suspect there will be more twists and turns to come, but for now let’s enjoy this vital first step towards a change in ownership and hope that the next statement we write will be announcing the end of this campaign."