The partner of Reading favourite Lewis Wing, Yazmine Delarose, has become something of a crowd favourite this week after speaking out against owner Dai Yongge.

Wing, one of Ruben Selles' star performers this season, joined from Wycombe Wanderers in the summer and had hoped to drive the Royals back into the Championship.

However, after series of off-field issues and set-backs on the field, including having six points deducted so far, it has not gone to plan.

"For me it’s the thing I think about most, what someone has said and what it is," Delarose told Elm Park Royals. "It’s not panned out that way. It’s such a shame because when I think about it and look at the team, the staff and supporters, that infrastructure is there to be successful and that’s what breaks my heart- they’ve got it there- all the ingredients to be successful and accomplish what they set out for. It is frustrating when you were told that they were financially sound and there wasn’t going to be any points deducted, and in hindsight, that’s not the way at all unfortunately. It’s upsetting but now I can’t think about what was said, it’s about moving forward and what we can do to keep knocking down doors and pushing forward to be where we want to be.

"Sometimes these setbacks become a much better story in the long term, and that’s what I’m hoping. It builds character and resilience so I can sit here and say ‘you said x and y’ but actually there is no point. It is what it is. It’s about what we can do now to change that and push forwards."

The Royals currently sit seven points clear of the relegation zone in League One, with Wing scoring in Saturday's 4-0 win over Cambridge United, but have two points hanging over their heads if the club miss any scheduled payment between now and the end of the season.

"I’m so nervous and anxious for what the future holds for me and my family," said the usually chirpy Delarose. "For instance, is Dai going to finally sell and do the right thing, or is he not going to sell? Are we then going to go into administration? Are we then going to get 12 points deducted? Are we then going to be relegated into League Two? That means players get more or less half their wages cut and that then has a financial burden on us as a family- Lewis already took a bit of a pay cut to come to Reading because he was excited about the opportunity. I’m thinking about all these things that could possibly happen.

"I am quite an opinionated person. I’m a positive person but if someone asks me for my opinion then I’ll be very honest and transparent about it. It came to a point where I was seeing all these tweets and people just don’t hear from the partners and what they have to go through in their families. Although our partners are athletes, we go through exactly the same struggles. We all have struggles we face, and it got to a point where I said how I feel. I didn’t expect it to blow up the way it did, but it was just me being honest. I’m a human, Lewis is a human. We’re all feeling this and we’re all in this together."