Wycombe Wanderers chairman Rob Couhig has questioned the 'plan' of Reading fan group Sell Before We Dai following their decision to protest against the attempt to buy Bearwood Park.

The Chairboys had entered a period of exclusivity to purchase the state-of-the-art facility, but within days had decided to pull out.

Hundreds of Reading fans descended on Adams Park on Friday to make their feelings heard, something which has been attributed to the decision not to progress talks.

American Couhig confirms that the Buckinghamshire-based club were set to lend the Royals money to pay their outgoings for March while a period of due diligence went on.

"They’ve already cost their club three points, haven’t they? I like the fans and I understand their anxiety but wait until you see how things work out," he told Heroes of HP12 podcast. "What is their plan? The plan is we’re going to force these people out, but who are you going to force to buy it? What’s the economics of buying a club that has all of those assets? The training ground doesn’t produce any revenue, it’s a huge revenue drain. I don’t understand what their plan was.

"Nobody asked the leaders of these anti-groups for their plan. What is your plan? What is the alternative? What are you going to do about the wages this week? Make the owner pay it? If the owner doesn’t pay it, what’s the plan? What are we going to do with staff- how are they going to eat? Nobody thinks about all this stuff, so they get excited ‘look at me I’m running the organisation.’

"It’s a tough issue and a great club. The relationship they’ve had with the owners hasn’t been good, but none of them complained when the owners were spending the money."

Sell Before We Dai, set up eight months ago, has been a driving force for good in the town, a small group of passionate supporters putting in hours of work to try and ensure the club is taken out of the hands of Dai Yongge.

Wokingham Borough Council revealed that currently the planning permission at the facility only allows Reading Football Club to use it, but did admit that permission would likely be given to Wycombe had they progressed.

Reading face a shortfall of funds this month to pay HMRC and payroll, which are due in the coming days and will see the club deducted two points if not paid.