Reading responded to yet another difficult week in perfect fashion, beating Cambridge United 4-0.

Take a look at reaction from Ruben Selles below.

Ruben on Sam Smith

"I think we missed Sam in the first part of the season. he has been playing his game for us and now he is able to play consecutively he is in good form. We know he is very dangerous for the category and can score goals. Our key is to keep him in central spaces and provide him with some balls that he can score.

Ruben on the win

"It was important to see the character of the team. the week has been another difficult week for us, coming from the Derby game where we think we can get something. The boys are working really hard to get the performance and goals. We are playing the way we want to play. We can win or lose today; our expression was excellent and the ways they have been focussed on the task is excellent. They want to compete for each other so I am very proud.

Ruben on mentality

"It is not myself who keeps them focused, they have learnt themselves to keep focussed as a team. I am nothing related with that. It was a great expression of the character of the dressing room and the team is alive. That means the team has the life inside that is hard to beat. It’s not me, it’s them.

Ruben on fan connection

"The connection has been there and lately it’s stronger than ever. I think they like the way the boys express themselves on the pitch and the passion, the way they attack, run and play together. The boys like to be with the crowd and play for them, so the connection is getting better and better. We should not forget why we have that connection because it will give us success in the future.

Ruben on Jeriel Dorsett limping off

"It was expected for him to get to a point in the game where he could not cope anymore because of his physicality and fitness levels. He has been away for a month, so it is nothing to be concerned about.

Ruben on takeover chances

"How many times have we had that question? Nothing indicates it will be any different. Hopefully, there is something different, but I realistically don’t know. Until things are done I am not a believer. I just believe what is in front of me."