Reading boss Ruben Selles was left 'proud' after his side's controversial 2-1 defeat at Derby County.

Take a look at some immediate reaction below.

Ruben on the game

"I think I am more proud than frustrated. I am proud of the fight my team put in. They’re a very difficult team, one of the best in the category. The first half was difficult for us, but we started the second half really strong. In an action we concede a goal, we came back and scored but then the red card with 10 men is always difficult."

Ruben on trio of refereeing points

"I looked at the replay and made my own decision. We will fight against anyone and everyone in our way. If we need to play harder, score five goals and go more, then we will do it, as these players have fought against everything thrown at us. today was another example of how competitive we can be.


"Derby are a really good team and the game was equal in the moment, but the decisions weren’t on our side."

Ruben on Cambridge United test

"We want to play again and do it in front of our fans. the last couple of games we were disappointed with the result, and we know we need to be on point from the very beginning. We are looking forward to Saturday, putting a performance together, being competitive and fighting against everything to hopefully get a result."