Reading were stung by a late penalty from Wycombe Wanderers, losing 2-1 in front of the largest crowd of the season.

Read post-match thoughts from boss Ruben Selles below.

Selles on the defeat

"First half we were not near ourselves and suffered in situations that we usually don’t suffer- even in possession we were disconnected in some of the moments. In the second half, we were the team on the pitch that wanted to do things, the best team on the pitch. Sometimes that happens, you don’t play 90 or 100 minutes and are the best on the park. We were able to come back and get it to 1-1. From one of their few attacks, if they had more than one in the second half, came the penalty that we can easily avoid.

Selles on the half-time subs

"We know the squad and the game was not there at half-time, so we decided to fix it and make a couple of movements in the formation and bring on Ben Elliott and Charlie Savage. They made their impact on the game. They gave us the possibility of getting back in the game and were connected to play a good game in the second half.

Selles on Jeriel Dorsett

"There is a fair possibility for him to be available.

Selles on the squad morale

"They are disappointed. They are a group who feels a lot, winning or losing, as it must be. I think they were disappointed because they know in the first-half we were not there and when we say we, it is about us as a team. second, that we managed to play a decent second half, scoring the goal and having chances to score the second one, but we lost in a very specific action.

Selles on ruthlessness in front of goal

"It is about periods of time. We had a period of time where we scored lots of goals and every situation was going in. We had a period where we didn’t, and now we’re in a period where we can do even better in those situations because we are creating and putting ourselves in situations to score. We need to find the extra percentage at the end to make that goal count."