Supporters Trust at Reading [STAR] have issued an update on how best to financially support the club following discussions with staff, and the bottom line is that bums on seats is the way to go.

STAR, following one of their regular meetings with former CEO Nigel Howe, had warned supporters that the club face a financial shortfall for March's outgoings, with a potential points deduction hanging over their heads if they fail to pay anything owed between now and the end of the season.

Supporters rallied and the club are expecting an above-average crowd as near-neighbours Wycombe Wanderers visit Berkshire tomorrow.

Updating supporters ahead of the weekend, STAR said: "We keep being asked the best way to support our Club. The short answer is to drink in the fan zone before the game and buy match tickets. We are still looking at fundraising ideas and will update when a clear plan is made."

Protest group Sell Before We Dai added: "Seen a lot of people suggesting some different ways of generating cash. The main thing that’s needed is ticket sales. Tickets, tickets, tickets! Club1871 is sold out for Sat, now let’s get the other stands filled."

Five home matches remain in the run-in for the League One season, with the Royals trying to keep themselves ahead of the relegation zone.