Reading boss Ruben Selles is expecting to be paid tomorrow, the club's payday but cannot guarantee that another points deduction can be avoided.

The Royals were hit with a two-point deduction for HMRC-related issues yesterday but will be hit with another two-point deduction if any outgoings are defaulted on between now and the end of the season.

In past months this season, HMRC, wages and suppliers have all gone some time out of pocket as funds from Dai Yongge dry up.

Expecting payment tomorrow for staff, the final day of the month, the Spaniard insists he must take things 'one day at a time.'

"As much as we know, we are going to get paid tomorrow," Selles said. "That is as much as I can say. I don’t think anyone here has the certainty that we are going to be safe for the rest of the season, or the opposite, so that is how we live. One day at a time."

Supporters have protested against Yongge since June, with large flare-ups of protests usually coming immediately after the players, staff or both have gone a period without pay.

The club will be hit with a three-point deduction if supporters disrupt another match, similar to Port Vale where the match was abandoned following a pitch invasion.