Reading boss Ruben Selles has been left 'disappointed' in the English Football League after hitting his side with yet another points deduction yesterday.

The Royals dropped to 20th in League One with 11 matches remaining after the club were hit with a two-point deduction for HMRC-related issues, with another two coming into play should Dai Yongge fail to pay any more outgoings on time.

This is the third points deduction suffered under Selles- a total of six points- while the total over the last three years has risen to an incredible -18.

Speaking to the media ahead of Saturday's trip to Carlisle United, the Spaniard said: "I think we have been hearing some contradictions in the message. I don’t understand why they continue pushing those things knowing that nothing will happen. I don’t understand how I get punished, and my boys get punished, for something that has been there for more than a year. I don’t know what kind of reaction they are expecting.

"They have the tools to do it much better and I am disappointed in the two-point deduction. It can be more, it can be less, but they are punishing the workers, the players, the fans, the city and they are not going into the matter. I am not in direct contact with them but if I can say something it is that I am disappointed because it puts all of us in a worse position, even the club, when it is clear that it is not us with the fault. I expected more from them."

The EFL have come under fire from supporters after the governing body had publicly stated that they will avoid points deductions, but the EFL had pushed the independent panel to deduct four points immediately, with none suspended.

Adding more broadly on the latest deduction, he added: "Some of the hearings go on during the season. Some of them we came clean and could show the things we had been doing and the work we had put in, so we didn’t get more deduction. In this case the club had the hearing some weeks ago and you never know what to expect. It is no surprise that the things are coming but us on the football side can’t control these things. We had the conversation a couple of weeks ago that we need to do as much as we can on the football side and get as many points as we can because the reality is that those things happen, and the past has shown us that it will continue to happen. We cannot control it, but it is difficult to keep getting the disappointments against the team."