Reading protest group Sell Before We Dai have decided to postpone their latest planned march through the streets of London, believing it could be a case of 'right protest, wrong time.'

Set up last summer, the group have been behind eight months of pressure from supporters calling for Dai Yongge to sell the club after seven years of mismanagement.

Reading Chronicle:

Action has included a sit-in, tennis ball disruptions, a march through the town and culminated with a match abandonment in January.

Off the field, banners have been designed, advertising hoardings have been set up and government have been drafted in.

Originally, the group had decided to organise a march through the capital on Sunday (February 25) , stopping off at the Houses of Parliament and Mr Yongge's residence near Buckingham Palace.

However, this has now been postponed and reasons why have been given.

"We are going to postpone the London protest. There are two reasons for this: 1. Logistical: Put bluntly this one needs more time * ⁠Because of the location of the house (so close to Buckingham Palace) there is loads of additional work that needs to be done to make it safe. * ⁠For example, we will definitely require a police presence (which needs resourcing) and we need to take extra precautions to make sure people are safe. * ⁠We know it’s a popular protest, so we want to do it right - Feb 25th was over-ambitious * ⁠The Met has, shall we say, been less forgiving than our beloved TVP. And they’ve made it clear they’ll make arrests for certain chants we all know.

"2. Strategic: * There is another concern that this might be “right protest, wrong time”.* ⁠We feel confident from STAR’s updates that negotiations for the club’s sale are progressing well but are at a delicate phase. * ⁠If a SBWD protest negatively impacted a sale now, we would never forgive ourselves, nor would the wider fanbase. It would be a disaster.

"So what we’re going to do: * Keep working with our friends at the Met so if Dai stalls, we’re ready to go with London. * We’ll get a new date in the diary that's further down the line & we believe represents a fair deadline for sale progression."

Supporters raised red cards during the 16th minute of Tuesday's 2-0 win over Port Vale, the latest action put together by the group.