Reading scored two second-half goals to beat relegation rivals Port Vale 2-0 at the SCL Stadium.

Take a look at some immediate reaction from boss Ruben Selles.

Selles on the win

"We spoke on Saturday and for me the result didn’t reflect the way we played or performed. I think today the result reflects the way we played and performed. It took us 15-20 minutes to adjust things because it was Darren’s second game and changed from the way he usually plays. We were prepared for a different scenario, so the first 15-20 minutes were more competitive than we expected but after that we adjusted and at half-time, we fully adjusted. The second half we dominated.

Selles on Lewis Wing goal

"Lewis is a fantastic player and doing very well for the club, as are many others. He was in his position to score the goal. We practised those and we know that when he has the ball on the edge of the box he is a danger for the opponent. We stayed patient and built up. We had a couple of chances before that one and it is always a matter of breaking the chain and scoring the goal that gives them the freedom to express themselves and open the game. When the game is open, we can be very dynamic against any team.

Selles on half-time change

"It was both. It is not a big injury, but Michael had a contact on his calf that made him not 100 per cent and we knew that in the second part of the game, we would need Charlie Savage, that is why we kept him on the bench. He is a dynamic six that can give the energy and distribution, so we decided to do it at half-time.

Selles on whether it was a bigger win against relegation rivals

"My point is to always go and beat the opponent and get the three points against any opponent. Those three points are as big as three points would have been against Portsmouth. I prepared my team the same, to beat the opponent. I know the consequences are that they get one less win or less points which is good, but we need to focus on ourselves and the way we do things. We deserved the three points against Fleetwood, it was the last action that took the points, I think we deserved more from the Portsmouth game and today we deserved the three points. That is what I am thinking about more than the table, relegation or the teams around us. It is about how we get better from today to the next day.

Selles on importance of second goal

"You already know what the game means and you can feel it inside. The slower start didn’t help but as soon as you get the first one the game gets open, and they need to commit more to get something from today. When teams open a little bit, my players are really dynamic and dangerous. The goal is a perfect example of the quality they’ve got, the togetherness they’ve got but also the way they do things. The way Harvey Knibbs throws himself into the action to score the goals reflect the dressing room and the way they want to perform for the club. They showed that they are growing and can manage the game without any problem."