Reading were unable to hang onto a late lead and drew 1-1 with relegation rivals Fleetwood Town.

Take a look at some reaction from manager Ruben Selles.

Selles on the draw

"We didn’t start well- the first 35 minutes we didn’t control the game the way that we wanted. They were on top of the game. After half-time, we controlled the game and had chances, two one-versus-one with the goalkeeper where we needed to put the ball in the net. At the end, we concede a goal we should never concede. Frustrated at the end and we need to perform better.

Selles on not killing the game

"We need to know that it is difficult to go away from home and win points- we know it. Today we had it. A lot happened in the second action, a bad clearance and a bad recovery. I think it is not a bad defence, those things can happen, but I just think we should close the game before the final 10-15 minutes, we had the chance to do it. Kelvin with a long one-on-one, Femi also had the chance to go one-versus-one, but he decided to take the chance early and didn’t keep the ball properly. For me, they’re clear. For me it was about after scoring the first one, score the second one and kill the game.

"They are disappointed because I think we have more to offer and for more minutes. we need to be more robust. We come from a very dark place and have some good performances; we don’t need to forget that, and we need to keep pushing. Games are close until you get the second one, so we need to keep growing.

Selles injury update

"Andy Yiadom and Sam Smith, both after the last game had some fatigue and risk of injury. For Yids, it was his knee. After a couple of games, he needs to rest a little bit. We were not able to use them for today but hopefully, that rest is enough for them to be with us on Saturday. Mobility was not quite there but it was not a big thing, we expect the inflammation for Sam and Yids to go down and be ready for the weekend.

"It was a heavy contact in the ankle. I just asked the doctors, and they told me it was really early to evaluate and they will evaluate tomorrow. Let’s see what the consequence of that action. It looks like nothing is broken but we need to be sure tomorrow."