Reading have avoided an immediate points deduction after supporters got the last home match against Port Vale abandoned after 16 minutes.

Thousands of fans invaded the pitch in protest against Dai Yongge, the first time such an event has happened in the EFL since Blackpool in 2015.

Stating that their efforts are now in pursuit of the Chinese businessman personally and not against the football club, the EFL have let the Royals off with a warning.

The club will be deducted points if the supporters stage a repeat of the scenes witnessed against Port Vale.

Protest group Sell Before We Dai have discouraged supporters from staging more on-pitch protests

The Valliants will return to Berkshire for the first time in over 20 years on Tuesday, February 20.

A statement released by the governing body states: "Following the abandonment, the League entered discussions with Reading in respect of the potential sanction to be imposed as a result of the Club failing to fulfil its fixture obligations and have now reached a consensus by way of an Agreed Decision, in accordance with EFL Regulations.

"The Club is now subject to a suspended three-point deduction with the sanction to be activated in either the 2023/2024 season or the 2024/2025 season if any fixture played in any EFL competition is postponed or abandoned due to disruption (including incursion onto the field of play) by the Club’s supporters.

"If it is required, the suspended three-point deduction will become active with immediate effect in the season during which the breach occurs.

"This level of sanction remains consistent with action taken in previous circumstances where an abandonment of an EFL fixture has taken place. The League continues to recognise the ongoing challenges for the Club and its supporter base and notes the views expressed at the supporter meeting held with the EFL last week in respect of imposing further immediate points deductions on the Club.

"This approach aims to balance the requirements of the EFL as the competition organiser to uphold its Regulations on behalf of all member Clubs whilst providing clarity to all associated parties on the impact of any future non-fulfilment of a fixture, coming as direct result of supporter protests."