Reading fans took their anti-ownership protests to Dai Yongge’s front door this week, taking a mobile banner to a few of the Chinese businessman’s favourite hangouts.

Taking centre stage for their tennis ball protests, sit-ins and rousing march through the town, Sell Before We Dai took the protests to Yongge in the build-up to tonight’s Thames Valley Derby against Oxford United.

The protest visited the London headquarters of the EFL, the £45m home of Reading FC owner Dai Yongge - currently the most expensive property on the market in London - as well as his favourite casino hang out, Les Ambassadeurs in Mayfair.

Nick Houlton, Sell Before We Dai spokesperson, said: “As soon as Dai sells the club, the pressure stops. He must strike a takeover deal before we face even more financial pain.

“This action wasn’t just for Reading FC, but the countless other clubs facing financial difficulties because of poor ownership and outside vested interests.

“We hope this action continues the conversation about football’s ownership problems and highlights further the need for an Independent Football Regulator.”

Action was taken by supporters amid the latest reports that the owner is holding up any planned takeover due to altering demands of favoured party, Genevra Associates.