Reading fans have raised over £500 in less than a day to help staff after it was revealed that they were not paid in full and on time.

Cash flow problems continue to hamper the club and in order to avoid more points deductions, the decision was made to pay the playing staff in full but only part-pay the off-field workers.

Proving controversial, even the Reading boss Ruben Selles has labelled it 'morally wrong' as he awaits payment.

In an email from CEO Dayong Pang, seen by the Reading Chronicle, the club aim to complete payments as soon as possible- by Tuesday at the latest.

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Royals fan Mark Holton has created a GoFundMe page to support the staff, with over £500 already raised and over 30 donators.

"We all know what’s going on at our club is terrible but the staff only getting part paid this month is not good enough.

"Let’s help them Reading fans.

"Of all the issues Dai has caused, this one hurts the most. On-field penalties fall by the wayside when it's hard-working, local people working payday to payday losing out with bills and Christmas coming up."

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