Reading boss Ruben Selles is not happy with the decision to only partially pay staff on time while paying players in full after cashflow issues.

News broke on Thursday that efforts to solve financial issues ahead of payday had not come to fruition and that there was to be a shortfall.

In order to avoid points deductions, the playing staff received their full salary while some off-field staff received as little as 25 per cent owed to them.

An email from CEO Dayong Pang states that they aim to pay the players by Tuesday.

Asked for his verdict ahead of Sunday's trip to Eastleigh, Selles said: "My reaction is that we are in a position that we don’t want to be in. Unfortunately, the CEO made the decision to pay the players fully and only partially the staff because of the financial situation of the club. Strategically we can understand, because we don’t get the points deduction, in terms of human and moral things we know it is not the correct thing to do, but it is not my call. Myself and the rest of the staff did not get what we deserved for the hard work we put in.

"I need to say that the EFL need to review their rules because they do it in order to have some control of the clubs and ownerships, but in reality, they are taking out of their rules 75 per cent of the workers at Reading Football Club. Different associations, like mine at the LMA, need to raise their voice also. Not only in the case of Reading but all football clubs because I think we are all workers and should have the same rights. That would be my point of view.

"The environment of the team is great because remember it was not their call either, so they are feeling the collateral situation. They are offering support to anyone that needs it and it is not like we have two divided fronts. We, as workers at Reading Football Club, want the best for the team and the fans."

This is the fourth time staff have been paid late this year, with the club struggling for finances over the summer too.