Reading surrendered a two-goal lead to lose 3-2 at Shrewsbury Town and drop to 10 points adrift of safety in League One.

Take a look at Ruben Selles' reaction below.

Selles on the defeat

I don’t know if it is the worst. It is painful and has been like that for some games. We did a lot of good things during the game, were leading 2-0 and could have been leading by more. We didn’t finish the job in one action which is completely avoidable. Second half, we have situations but are not ruthless and at the end we are not robust enough to get a result or something positive today.

Selles on the goals conceded

We need to be more ruthless in the one-on-one. We have a man running in the centre of the box and the kick is below our hips. We need to be ruthless in those situations. We know how much it means to get points away and get the three points. We cannot concede in the centre of our goal with the ball below our hips. We need to be more ruthless in our marking and in the clearance. We need to demand more from each other.

Selles on his own wrongdoings

I will do something wrong, but I don’t think it was a problem of the structure it was a problem of game management. We were not good; we were bad in game management in the last 10 minutes.

Selles on the overall form

I tell you don’t forget the situation we are in. Before those points deductions we were in a good situation. Those elements hurt us a lot. It is not an excuse. We have not been good enough for one reason or another and I am the man responsible. In games like this where you are winning 2-0, we need to be better at game management. We conceded two goals in stoppage time from two corners, and we can make a better clearance.

Selles on fan opinion

I respect anybody’s opinion. Today we were on top of the game for 90 minutes and we can win the game 3-0 or 4-0 but we didn’t make it. I need to deliver better strategies to go through those moments. People will make their opinions and you need to respect that.

Selles message to the fans

They came here to see their team playing and they did that in the beginning of the game. They were amazing and I hope they keep that. We need to give them more good results away from home and they should be able to be proud. We need to start winning matches and we are close to doing it but we are not robust enough to do it. I know it is hard, it is hard for every single one of us.

Selles on mentality of team

I think it is part of a mentality as a team, which I am the first responsible for. We have a not of new players so it is about how we create a new strategy to be together in those moments. Every time we go to that situation, something comes against us. We are the only ones that change that.