Football finance expert Kieran Maguire believes potential new owner Mike Ashley would be '1000 per cent' better than current incumbent Dai Yongge.

The Sports Direct mogul set tongues wagging on Sunday when two branded helicopters landed outside the SCL Stadium for potential takeover talks with club officials.

Best-known for a controversial decade in charge of Newcastle United, his potential involvement certainly split the fanbase.

Mr Maguire, an award-winning author and podcast host, as well as Football Finance lecturer at Liverpool University, spoke to BBC Berkshire about the impact Mr Ashley would have.

"He will give a sustainable club," Mr Maguire said. "Probably an unambitious club, given what we saw at Newcastle where he bought the club for £130m and sold it for more than double.

"There won’t be a lot of investment in terms of infrastructure, but there will be a competitive budget. In terms of ranking, I would certainly put him 1000 per cent above William Storey and 1000 per cent above Dai Yongge in the sense that will run it as a business, that’s what he did at Newcastle.

"Newcastle made a profit during the Mike Ashley ownership period, and you can’t say that in respect of many clubs in English football."

The Reading Chronicle understand that he is one of three potential groups looking to take over the club, but none are particularly close as things stand.

The club are hoping for a swift resolution, with two months of bills to HMRC overdue and staff due to be paid tomorrow.