Reading capitulated at Charlton Athletic and fell to a 4-0 defeat at the Valley.

Take a look at some reaction from boss Ruben Selles.

Selles on the opening period

"We came here with the idea to make a good performance. We have not been giving good performances away from home, so the first thing was to play a game we want to play. In the first half, we showed what we can do and the beginning of the second half was really good on our behalf. In one action we conceded a goal, but we still made the game and created chances to equalise. We didn’t and the second goal turned everything down. We were not able to stay in the game. The performance of the 60 minutes was there but we need to be able to do it for 100 minutes.

Selles on the team capitulating

"I think it’s more about that it is repetitive, where we are on top and coming back to equalise, but we concede out of a transition we can defend. As we saw in the first 60 minutes, we can compete against anybody.

Selles on the positves

"We came here with a clear idea, and that clear idea in possession and how we move under pressure. We needed to adjust in half time but we go to every stadium to try and win and that’s what we showed today. Unfortunately, when we concede the second goal we should be able to stay more in the game and be more ruthless in both boxes. We need to grow and be more strong in the mindset.

"We want to be better in possession and have more penetration and create more chances from the shape. We need to be better in transition, but the first 60 minutes is what we want as a team- dynamic and aggressive under pressure.

Selles on applauding fans

"The fans are the core of every football club. Winning or losing, we have to be there. It is always easy when you’re winning or doing good things, it is a little bit harder because everyone is disappointed. Together, and like we did in other stadiums when things were not going well, we need to stick together.

Selles on his system

"The team feels comfortable playing that system and the team know the relations we need to have. Our lecture from Leyton Orient is when we changed it, we missed some situations in the front, and it forced us to defend low and deep. It is something we don’t want. The players feel comfortable in the 4222. I don’t see the formation as something that has been the problem for us."