Reading manager Ruben Selles has revealed that he has met multiple parties interested in buying the football club, including controversial businessman William Storey.

News broke in the Telegraph last week that the former Formula One sponsor who failed to buy Sunderland or Coventry City was in talks with a £50m purchase of the club, and that he had met the Spanish boss.

The club disputed this, stating that no single group had agreed to a deal and that 'several parties have approached the club.'

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Quizzed about meeting new owners, Selles confirmed that Mr Storey is one he has met.

"As much as I know is the communication from the club on Thursday. That is the latest news. I have met some of the possible buyers during the last few weeks and explained what we do on the pitch. As far as I know, the process is still open. I have nothing to add to that.

"I met with them and explained what I do and want to do with the team. If it is good or bad it is not for me to judge. When you meet people who want to buy a club, usually they are in business and have been successful. They are not going to buy a house without knowing exactly what they are buying. It is obvious that they want to know every detail.

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"We met him [Storey], he made some questions and we had a good chat. I don’t think my impression is relevant. If it is William or any other, my faith is in what is best for the club and those working for the club, to get some stability."