Rumoured Reading bidder, William Storey, refused to confirm or deny that he is interested in acquiring the club when appearing on TalkSPORT.

The 45-year-old controversial businessman was linked with the club in the Telegraph, with the national newspaper reporting that the Rich Energy founder had seen a £50m bid for the club accepted.

Reading Football Club disputed this claim yesterday, stating that no party has seen a bid accepted to date.

Taking to TalkSPORT to set the record straight, Storey failed to address supporter concerns over the former Formula One sponsor.

"I can’t say on a specific bid," he told Alex Crook, Sam Matterface and former Royal Martin Keown. "What I can say is that I made a bid for Sunderland and Coventry. Both involved extensive EFL conversations. Clearly, a bid for Reading would include the same and we wouldn’t be making a bid were the EFL process not in hand. That is probably the closest I can say on my prospective bid, were it to be there, but I’m very happy to talk about Reading and what I, as a prospective owner, could bring to football."

Asked about the club more specifically, Mr Storey promised to 'transform things quickly' IF he were to take over.

"Reading is one of a number of clubs that have been badly run, I don’t think that is unfair to say. John Madejski was obviously a very prudent chairman, Mr Reading. He put all sorts of money into the stadium and the local region. I think he lost a lot of money with the Lehman Brothers thing in Reading town centre, and it was a shame for Reading fans that he left but subsequently, it has been a bit of a shambles. From my perspective, were I to go into Reading, things would be transformed very quickly."