Despite a positive week on the field, Reading owner Dai Yongge continues to steal headlines with his actions off of it.

Reading Chronicle's Royals reporter, James Earnshaw, is calling for change- and sooner rather than later.

Reading Chronicle:

It has been one almighty blow after another for Reading fans this summer, with off-field issues dominating what has been a relatively positive start to life under Ruben Selles.

Taking matters into their own hands, over 200 tennis balls were launched onto the pitch on Saturday as supporters made their feelings towards owner Dai Yongge perfectly clear for the world to see.

From valuable column inches to minutes on national radio, the country's media is finally sitting up and taking notice of the plight of the Royals.

And for all of 24 hours, this background noise became just that- background noise- as Reading made history in smashing nine past Exeter City on Tuesday evening.

Revelling in the moment, it was never going to be long before supporters came back to Earth with a bang.

15 whole hours to be precise.

Off-field issues came back to the forefront on Wednesday lunchtime as Yongge was charged with misconduct from the EFL.

This comes a week after a three-point deduction was triggered, as the Chinese businessman opted against completing the basic task set by the EFL.

All he had to do was transfer 125 per cent of the wages into an account, to prove that he has the funds, and the desire, to continue running the Royals.

Failing to do so plunged the club into the relegation zone, and took the total deducted in the last three years to a whopping 16.

The individual punishment remains to be dished out, however, Wigan Athletic's former owner had the same charge thrown at him and was fined just £10,000.

It cannot go on like this.

What next for Reading?

The million-dollar question. Where do Reading go from here? It is clear as day that Yongge has lost interest. His funding has been few and far between since relegation to League One was confirmed, with the summer of discontent seeing winding-up petitions, unpaid tax bills and delayed wages.

So far this season, wages have miraculously been paid on time (by hook or by crook) and tax deadlines have just about been met. But living month to month, how many times can the staff on the ground continue to pull rabbits out of hats?

The only positive way out is investment. Interest is there. People have enquired and non-disclosure agreements signed. Names have been chucked into the hat and mysterious tweets have been sent. But now is not the time for talking. Phone calls need to be answered, offers need to be put on the table and Yongge needs to be ousted. It is the only way the club can move forward to a more stable future.

It is not going to be a quick fix, with deals to buy and invest in businesses the size of football clubs taking a lot of due diligence and checks, but the club do not have time.

How long before the next misdemeanour throws a spanner into Ruben Selles' youthful machine? A week? Two perhaps? Three sounds hopeful rather than expectant.

Fans, players and staff have suffered enough. It is time to Sell Before We Dai.