Reading have been hit with a three point deduction after the owner failed to deposit enough money into an account for the club's monthly wage bill.

Owner Dai Yongge was instructed to put 125 per cent of the wage bill into an account in order to comply with the IDC's ruling after the club failed to pay wages on time on three occasions.

However, he has failed to do so before yesterday's deadline, automatically triggering the previously suspended three points.

Already docked one point last month, this additional three completes a four-point hit and takes the club onto just two points.

Ruben Selles' side, already under a three-window transfer embargo and fielding a team with an average age of under 22, has earned two wins in their first six matches.

Releasing a statement, the EFL 'continues to acknowledge the negative impact sporting sanctions are having on the Football Club and remain extremely disappointed and frustrated at the Club’s ownership to meet its ongoing obligations under EFL Regulations. The League will continue to apply its rules in all circumstances deemed appropriate.'

The club have added: "As communicated to our supporters previously, Mr Dai is currently undertaking an ongoing process of seeking sources of stable external investment for the football club, with the aim of mitigating the risk of cashflow complications arising in future."

Reading face Bolton Wanderers on Saturday, and will be sat 22nd.

Fan pressure continues to grow on Yongge, who has overseen four winding up petitions and three points deductions on his watch.