Reading boss Ruben Selles labelled the club as 'complex' when asked to give his opinion on the supporters' protest after their opening day 1-0 defeat to Peterborough United.

More than 200 supporters stayed behind for up to an hour after the match to make their voices heard, chanting and clanging seats in the rain.

Planned by the group 'Sell Before We Dai' it was the first organised protest at a match this season against owner Dai Yongge- who attended the match.

The Royals were placed under transfer embargoes twice over the summer for failing to pay HMRC on time, while charges remain outstanding for paying wages late on three occasions last season.

Asked on his opinion after the match, while chants of 'Get Out of Our Club' could still be heard from the press room, Selles said: "The situation in the club is pretty complex, and it has been very complex from the very beginning. Myself- when I negotiated and came to the club- the embargo was to be over and then we get two more embargo situations in July from June. The situation has been challenging.

"I understand that when the team has been relegated and with the challenges that we had in the summer, the fans are disappointed. I always think that the fans are the people that have been living and having the club in their hearts for their entire lives and as much as it is respectful- it can happen another day where they don’t like the game I propose, and it will be a protest against me. It’s part of football and what we have to do is do things for them to be proud of us, not the opposite."