Reading boss Ruben Selles believes fans have the right to protest against owner Dai Yongge after this afternoon's match with Peterborough United.

Supporters are being urged by fan group Sell Before We Dai to stage a 'sit-in' after the game to show their anger toward the running of the club from the owner.

Hit with two transfer embargoes over the summer for late payment to HMRC, and with charges outstanding in relation to paying wages late, the club have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons over the close season.

Using the opening match of the season as a platform to air their views, the supporters are clear in backing the team on the field during the 90 minutes of action.

Asked for his view, Selles understood fan frustration.

"I will always thank the fans. They have an opinion about the club of their lives, so I don’t have an opinion about that," he told the media. ". In a couple of games, they could do it because they don’t like my team, so they have the right to do it. They were here before me, and they will be here after me. It is the club that they love, their passion, and they don’t feel happy because of the situation. Against who is not interesting to me. For me, it’s their choice. I understand their passions and that it is the club they love."