Reading protest group Sell Before We Dai have confirmed plans for Saturday's protest.

Supporters have turned against owner Dai Yongge for his continued mismanagement of the club, with yet another HMRC bill outstanding against the club.

Releasing a statement to confirm they are searching for external investors, supporters have had enough of lurching from crisis to crisis.

Using the opening match of the League One season to make a stand, the group have confirmed plans for a sit-in after the Peterborough United clash on Saturday.

A spokesperson for the group, Nick Houlton, said: “Not for the first time, hopes of a new dawn at Reading have been replaced by even darker skies as Yongge Dai and Dayong Pang continue to bounce our beloved club from farce to farce. 

“The last few days have been typical of the club’s trajectory under the Yongge-Pang stewardship: small steps forward, then giant leaps in the opposite direction. While the fans remain grateful for Mr Dai’s efforts and investment, the club cannot afford his continued incompetence. 

“We invite all fans to join in the protests on Saturday, which aim to give maximum support to the team while maintaining pressure on the regime to sell the club at their earliest convenience.” 

The sit-in protest was chosen following consultation with Reading fans, players and staff to ensure protests are felt most by those in the boardroom, rather than in the dressing room. Representatives of Sell Before We Dai will be present at the stadium and at the pre-match Reading Bus queues to field any enquiries and galvanise support. 

Full details of the protest include: 

- Fans move to Coppell's corner at full time (East Stand, south corner. Club 1871, east corner). 

- Protest likely to reach a natural conclusion after approx one hour

- Bring banners and chants.