Iconic former Reading owner, Sir John Madejski, believes he could still assist with the club- if his view is wanted.

The former AutoTrader founder first took over in 1990 and lead the club up to the Premier League- twice- before selling in 2012.

Taking the club back after Anton Zingarevich left, he sold it again in 2014 to a Thai consortium.

Still a regular face around the club, the 82-year-old was asked about the future of the club by BBC Berkshire while at Royal Ascot.

"I’m always willing to help anyone willing to seek my opinion but of course nobody does- if they did then I would be ready to give my opinion," he said. 

Reading Chronicle:

"I know I could be helpful but I’m certainly not going to push myself forward when it’s not reciprocal. I respect that whoever owns football clubs. It’s not a mean thing to own Reading Football Club with the amount of money that has been spent recently is off the Richter scale. I’m so sad it hasn’t gone well for the current owners, and I wish to God it had because we all love our club and want to see it back in the Championship as soon as possible.

"Reading Football Club will endure, whatever happens. I can’t see that changing. I just hope all of the ducks get put firmly in a row and that the club continues getting somewhere, which would be great. It is a bit trying at the moment, but football is a very difficult business to be involved with."

Supporters are calling for new ownership after the club were rocked by three more EFL charges, including a tax-related issue with HMRC, following on from Championship relegation last season.

Over 3,000 supporters have signed up for the action group 'Sell Before We Dai.'