Reading have been hit with fresh transfer embargo fears, this time relating to the payment of loan player wages.

Eagle-eyed fans discovered that a new offence, titled 'non-payment of loan wages' appeared on the EFL's live embargo reporting service.

Before yesterday, only 'Breach of Profit and Sustainability Rules' were on the site for Reading, an offence which is expected to come to an end this summer.

Paul Ince brought in six loan players last season, from the likes of Chelsea, Newcastle United and Middlesbrough.

Unable to pay fees, the club were expected to pick up small percentages of the individuals' wages.

Still unclear regarding whom the offence relates to, according to the EFL website "the EFL will act on the basis of complaint in respect of matters such as loan wages, ticket monies, and other payments [52.6].

"Unless otherwise specified in writing in the loan agreement, the EFL will work on the principle that loan wages are due no later than 14 days from the issuing of an invoice."

If this is not sorted between the parties then the club will be unable to pay any Transfer Fee, Compensation Fee or Loan Fee until the end of next season.

This will be met with much frustation and anger, considering it will mark the fourth successive season under EFL restrictions, in a year which was supposed to mark a new dawn.

Reading Football Club have been approached for comment.