The FA have altered the rule on signing overseas players, giving clubs more freedom in the transfer window.

Since Brexit, players from EU countries have had to obtain a visa based on a criteria, such as number of international appearances and league minutes a player has earned.

However, clubs in Leagues One and Two will now be able to sign up to two overseas players per season without needing to wait for the Governing Body Endorsement approval.

This rises to four in the Championship and Premier League, providing 35 per cent of their minutes throughout the squad are played by British players.

Currently only Watford and Norwich City fall below this figure in the second tier.

This will make it easier for scouting departments to remain creative, as the pool of players eligible had significantly declined prior to this alteration.

Having a knock-on impact on fees, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters told the Financial Times Business of Football Summit that this had contributed to Premier League clubs 'smashing the January transfer record for spending.'