Reading Women captain Emma Mukandi has called for the club to 'back women's football' and 'INVEST' as she confirms her exit.

Kelly Chambers' outfit were relegated from the Women's Super League on Saturday, ending an eight-year stay in the top-flight.

Joining the men, who were also relegated this season, it has been a tough year for supporters.

Confirming her exit on Instagram, Mukandi said: "Difficult end to a difficult season for us, we are all hurting to have been relegated from the WSL. But there is no hiding, the league table does not lie.

"I hope that the club moving forward does the right thing & begins to back women’s football and gives the players & staff the respect that they deserve and INVEST.

"Personally, I will be moving on from Reading Fc. I’m not sure what the future looks like just yet but I’m proud to have been able to come back and compete after having Innes, I wasn’t sure my body would allow it.

"To the fans, we heard you & thank you for continuinally turning up week in week out and supporting us."

Mukandi caught the attention earlier in the season for slamming the facilities for those with newborns on a podcast.

Academy graduate and fan favourite, Emma Harries, also criticised the club's lack of investment in the women's side in her post-season message.

"It is heartbreaking that our season has ended in the way it has. It hurts and will continue to hurt. The staff and players gave everything to stay in the league and have done so for so many years without sufficient backing, that is something everyone involved should be proud of," she said on Instagram.