Reading favourite Glen Little is calling on Director of Football Operations, Mark Bowen, to make the correct managerial appointment after League One relegation.

Little, a star of the record-breaking team of 2006 and a regular radio pundit, was speaking on the popular 1871 podcast when discussing the recent manager options- believing there are 'blaggers' involved in past appointments.

However, Bowen returned to the club last summer and Little is hoping he will call the shots.

"At least he has been there, seen it and done it [referring to Chris Wilder rumours]," he told the podcast. "Having seen what has been going on over the last five or six years with managerial appointments- unfortunately we’ve got a few blaggers. We hear names with what’s going on and people making decisions. The good thing about it now is Mark Bowen- it’s on him. You know who’s got to appoint the manager, and recruitment as well. That’s been the problem- who is making these decisions? It’s not the Chinese owner is it. Plucking Paul Ince from nowhere, Jose Gomes, Veljko Paunovic. These managers are coming and we’re all scratching our heads- who’s idea was this? Well now in Mark Bowen you’ve got some accountability. It’s up to him to get players in."

Facing a first third tier season for 20 years, the former Burnley legend wants the former Manchester City and QPR assistant manager to 'sort out the mess.'

"Now Bowen’s in, sort the mess out. You usually find that if it’s a mess off the field it usually leads to a bit of a mess on it- and we’ve seen that. Turn it around, get it going and if you’re not beating your Lincoln’s, Port Vale’s and Exeter’s, then we have got big problems."