Reading band The Amazons have hinted that they are penning an athem for the Royals.

Supporters of the football club and born in the town, the Amazons have released three top 10 albums since 2017 and are regulars on the festival circuit.

Touring North America, they are set to appear on the Main Stage at Reading Festival in August for the first time.

Hinting at a unique song for the club in the past, they were quizzed on the likliehood in a social media conversation.

When asked by supporter Jamie Hodder whether a song is in the works, their account replied: "You bet!"

Some of their tunes, such as Black Magic and Bloodrush, are already heard coming out of the speakers at the SCL Stadium in recent years.

Fellow Reading band The Mirror Pictures have also had their music plugged by the club.

Reading supporters have been crying out for a song to call their own after 'We are the Royals', written by the former Thai owners, receieved plenty of criticism from the footballing world.

Kevin Girdler's 'Royals Anthem' from the Elm Park days of the 1990s is still popular and can be heard 15 minutes before kick-off.

Hits such as Ashes, by Embrace, and The Impossible Dream, evoke strong emotions from supporters as they were played during successful promotions in 2006 and 2012.