Reading boss Kelly Chambers has ramped up pressure on the club's final two matches of the season as the club face a miracle to survive in the WSL.

Bottom of the league and without a win in eight matches, the club looks set to face a double relegation following the men's drop from the Championship last week.

Facing giants Chelsea and Tottenham in their final two fixtures, Leicester City sit immediately above the Royals- two points clear.

“There’s no hiding that we need to get three points against Tottenham or we’re pretty much done,” said Chambers.

“We then have to rely on results to go our way until the end of the season."

With odds stacked against them, Chambers has thought about the possibility of relegation to the Women's Championship.

As the only non-Premier League club in the top-flight, she admitted that it was always a tough ask.

“If we can’t keep up with that then to a certain extent there’s only one outcome.

“We’ve shown over the last few years it’s been the same and some people will say we’ve punched above our weight and that’s down to the players we’ve had and the coaching and the amount of work that goes in.”

“We have a set up here and a really good infrastructure.Is there more that I want in terms of supporting the staff and the players? Yes 100%.

“If we were to get relegated, the ambition is to bounce straight back up.”