Reading conceded a 90th-minute goal to lose against Cardiff City, their first home win since October.

Here is every word from boss Paul Ince.

Ince on lack of red card

"It’s the referee decision- the sending off. It’s a blatant red card. Like any red card, it changes the game. The referee has bottled it. This is why sometimes you need VAR. If it’s in the Premier League, there is no two ways about it. Maybe it was too early for the referee. It’s the same one we had against QPR at home when Shane should have had a penalty- hopefully I don’t get him again. I’ll get a phone call from Kevin Friend on Monday saying he got it wrong- but that’s no good to us.

Ince on performance

"It doesn’t take away from the way we played. I thought we looked out of sorts from the first whistle to the last. We never got into any rhythm. Maybe when you change five players, we looked like we struggled and went long to Andy Carroll too quickly. Cardiff played the same, hitting the two centre-forwards, but we never tried to get it down and play. All-in-all, you think it’s a 0-0 and then you give a stupid foul away. Sometimes you need to look at yourselves. We look at ourselves as coaches, you need to look as individuals and see some of the things you were doing today. You look at that game and think what goes through their heads. It’s mainly the 10 minutes before that. [Callum] Robinson couldn’t walk, and we were still defending on the edge of our box. Get yourself up and try to win the game.

"Normally I come out here and back my players, but today there is no way you could back them, they were poor from the first minute to the 90th. Cardiff made it difficult but it’s another game where we looked tired and sometimes when you’re tired you need to be at home for the last game of three. It was a poor game of football, so hopefully Sky won’t put us on anymore. I’m disappointed in the performance, I can take losing, but I’ve said to the ones in there [dressing room] that they need to perform better than that. Especially the ones knocking on my door to come in, they have to look at themselves. As a team we were very very poor. At no point did we look like threatening or creating anything. Shows when we haven’t got people like Thomas [Ince], we can’t create. They dumbfound you why they make decisions. It was very poor today.

Ince on mentality away from home

"Look at Sunderland- if it wasn’t for the mistake, we come away with a point in front of 40,000 fans. From a mental point of view, it shouldn’t be a problem. We are a team that will always make silly mistakes- indivually or collectively. We haven’t got the quality that most teams have got, and you see that game after game. We have a spirit, and we will keep fighting, that’s the most important thing. When we haven’t got Thomas or Jeff [Hendrick] we lose a bit of quality. We never kept the ball in the middle of the park or up-front. AC was winning headers and we weren’t getting on the end of them. You’ve got to move forward. It’s disappointing because we could have won if it wasn’t for the referee, and you never know with 10 men, but it’s a different game."

Ince on fans.

"They were fantastic. I feel sorry for them watching that and the game itself, it was a terrible spectacle. We need all their backing. We all understand that our away form isn't great, but our home form is very good. In this league, for us to stay in the league, we need to win our games at home and hopefully nick one or two away. It was a terrible journey on a Friday night and they turned out to support us and stayed with us. I know it hurts us, especially after losing at Sunderland and again today. I'm sure they're hurting as much as I'm hurting and hopefully as much as my players are hurting. We've got to keep going. We've got 15 games to go."