Reading manager Paul Ince had a fierce spat with a local reporter in Sunderland after the club's 1-0 defeat.

Questioning the side's tactics, such as time-wasting and slow throw-ins, Ince refused to back down in a tense exchange.

Read it below.

Reporter: It was a pretty grim game to watch.

PI: You shouldn’t be here then should you if it was that grim. What are you doing here if it’s that grim?

Reporter: It’s my job to come and watch. I’m guessing you don’t play like that every week do you? Is it just because Sunderland have a lot of technicians and you were trying to nullify them?

PI: I think if you had actually done your research you would have seen a lot of Championship games like this. That’s the way it is. That’s the bottom line.

Reporter: I’ve not seen many like that. A lot of time-wasting in League One but this is probably the worst game I’ve seen here this season.

PI: Here? Okay. What do you want me to answer? What are you saying?

Reporter: I’m saying was it because Sunderland have a lot of quality players that you tried to kill the game?

PI: What do you mean kill the game? How can you kill the game if we’re not winning? When was we time-wasting?

Reporter: Someone takes so long to take a throw-in!

PI: Does that make it grim then? Because we’re time-wasting?

Reporter: Pretty grim for anyone watching, yeah.

PI: Why would we be time-wasting if we were getting beat?

Reporter: Well, you sped up after that. I was just saying that from a neutral’s point of view…

PI: No, from your point of view. Not neutral. Nobody else has said it apart from you.

Reporter: I’m the only one that spoke up, maybe.