Former Reading midfielder, Jason Bowen, has been diagnosed with MND aged 50.

Bowen, who was a Wales international, played 15 times for the Royals in the late 1990s but fell out with boss Tommy Burns.

Enjoying longer spells with Cardiff City, Swansea City and Newport County, he retired in 2013 with almost 600 career appearances to his name.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help fund his treatment, with over £5,000 raised.

A statement on the side says: "In March 2021 he was given the devastating Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis after feeling weakness and twitching in his arm. Sadly, Hayley’s mum passed away from this cruel disease 15 years ago.

"Motor Neurone Disease is a Neuro Degenerative Disease (NDD) which essentially means Jason’s central nervous system is unable to send signals to his motor neurones, which are critical to be able to move limbs and control movement. There is no cure for MND.

"When we first discovered that Jason had MND tears were shed, anger expressed, and a feeling of total and utter despair set in.

"However, despite such negative emotions and experiences, these past 18 months since diagnosis have also shown us the power of positivity, friendship, love and community as friends, family and colleagues have all pulled together to help."