Reading boss Paul Ince bemoaned a poor refereeing performance from Darren Bond after missing a 'blatant penalty.'

After Jeff Hendrick's first half brace, Shane Long was upended in the box by former Royal Rob Dickie, only for the referee to wave claims away.

Tyler Roberts snatched a late brace and the points were shared 2-2. 

Seething post-match, the former England captain made it perfectly clear his view on the official.

"It’s a blatant penalty to make it 3-0 and the games finished," he fumed. "That’s the bottom line. Another poor decision, again. You can watch it time and again, and I understand referees have tough jobs, but Shane has run across him and took him over. That’s 3-0 and game over.

"No, he didn’t [explain his decision], and to be fair I’ve not asked him. I don’t want to get myself into any trouble. He has to make the right decision. We had it against Burnley and again today. It’s a poor decision. We’ll speak to Kevin Friend on Monday or Howard Webb, whoever it bloody may be, but it’s a blatant penalty."