Reading fans have been having their say on Paul Ince's rotation warning ahead of the FA Cup third round clash with Watford.

Speaking after the 1-0 defeat to West Brom on Monday, the two-time Cup winner revealed that he was 'not going fully' for the competition this year, but insists he will not direspect the fans either.

Reading Chronicle:

A contentious talking-point amongst Royals fans on social media, some agree that it is not a priority this season, but others are miffed that they are paying a regular price to watch fringe players.

Take a look and make up your own mind.

On Facebook, Alison Clarke said: "Good.. give those that need match time a go... league has to be our priority this season." 

Phillip Overson commented: "I’m disappointed that as someone who won the FA cup as a player Ince sees it as an inconvenience now. A decent cup run could boost the club’s league form and make us a few quid. He joins the long list of former Reading managers who didn’t take the competition seriously."

Paul Evans believes "this is why nobody bothers going" but Gary Chamberlain came back with "why play your main players and risk getting injured in a competition that we will never win?"