Veljko Paunovic spoke candidly about the financial situation facing the club ahead the upcoming post-season. 

The Royals boss said that he hopes the club's actions this season in reducing their budget will be taken into account by the EFL.

Speaking on how the club will approach the Summer transfer window, Veljko Paunovic insisted that he will play an active role in any possible recruitment.

"We have always worked in consensus," Paunovic said.

"The consensus within the football board and the members of the board and our club, I'm part of it.

"It's always going to be what is best for the club and what the club can do, given the resources.

"At this point, I cannot give a specific answer on what the resources will be.

"There is no clarity on the other side. 

"Look at our season this year and look at how we disciplined we were. 

"Our attempt to fix previous issues is proven and shown on the pitch. We didn't contribute to worsening the situation that was done in the previous years.

"We fought on the field, fixed the results and developed more talent.

"If something is going to happen in the future, that should be considered and we should be given the oppoirtunity to compete and be given a fair chance to be promotion contenders.

"That's what I'm hoping. I want that to be heard.

"If there are restrictions from the authorities, I would say to them to consider this season.

"Consider our football and our finacial behaviour and how many restrictions we have put on our budget and our resources to try and fix it.

"Not just to give an impression, but our actions showed that whatever happened - give us a fair chance to fix it.

"This includes giving us the chance to renew the guys we have. 

"If we cannot use our resources, how is that fair? How is it fair against teams with parachute payments?

"The only direction we have is the right direction which is our approach and what we have done in a Covid year.

"We should open up our perspective a little bit. I'm asking for this club to be given a chance."