Here are the key points from Paunovic after today's 2-2  draw with Swansea City.

What is your immediate reaction after today's result?

"We're disappointed today. 

"I don't have a speech for this, I'll try to be very direct and straight forward.

"It is hard to accept that the season is over after everything we've done.

"It's unfortunate. Especially because I know how hard the team work. 

"Going through all the setbacks and the injuries, several times for some of the guys.

"Always, they fought back. Not only recovering but getting in shape and form to help the team.

"This has a special significance. It is hard to take. But, to look at the positives - this year was a huge improvement in our game and our identity. 

"We have a solid core of players, a good mix of young and experienced players who developed different roles to keep the group together in difficult times. It's definitely an unprecendented time we're all living in.

"Keeping the hope and the perspective has been a big challenge, but a huge step forward for all of us."

Your side conceded twice today shortly after making two double substitutions, how frustrating was that for you?

"The game started to be difficult to us. We needed quick changes.

"I do not think that the only reason is the changes.

"We give ourselves the opportunity to judge it in black and white.

"If the substitutions work, then it's good. If they don't, it's bad.

"I'm sorry, but I don't judge it this way.

"I think the game happens, it's the flow and the momentum of the game, at the end of the day there are priorities and qualities of the players in how we deal with certain actions.

"Our decision making at the end of the day is what is decisive."

How confident are you that you can keep the group together and keep the momentum going next year?

"I'm looking to reflect on the season but I am going to do that when the season is over officially. 

"With the remaining games, I don't want to look back - I want to honour the competition and our fans.

"We'll keep competiting in the two games. That's always been the requirement.

"Once the season is over, I'll look at where we could have been better, more consistent and how we can benefit from this experience to implement elements in our game so we don't make the mistakes that we all did this season.

"What I want to do is forge and reinforce tonnes of positives that we have."

How confident are you that you'll have a similar squad this year and is there any worry that the club may face increased financial pressures?

"It's difficult to answer that question now. We're facing our new reality, emotionally we weren't ready.

"I believe the players that we consider as our core are under contract and we'll look to keep those players who have made a huge contribution.

"Financially, the situation could affect that - the club is working hard to fix this.

"The EFL need to be treated in a way to give us a chance to fix this.

"I spoke with Morrison and McIntyre recently.

"McIntyre has said that he received the offer. There is no agreement yet, but they're going in the right direction."

Looking ahead to the last two games, do you think you'll give some of the younger players a chance to show what they can do?

"I'll say this, we want to win every game and we want to honour the competition.

"If somebody earned that opportunity, he'll be out there. We don't give something for nothing.

"I am not ready to be honest to tell you the answer, I have to absorb this moment. I am looking to win every game."