Here are the key points from Veljko Paunovic's post-match press conference this evening.

What were your overall thoughts on the game?

"It gets much harder after tonight. We will not give up and we have to be ready.

"You never know in football. We have to convert our opportunities.

"This is the last moment to understand how important this is.

"At this point in the season, it's not going to be easy or perfect opportunities.

"You're going to have an opponent on top of your neck, that's what teams do. We have to get better."

Tonight it looked like the issue was creating those chances?

"They defended well, I must say. With a lot of numbers.

"In the first half, we didn't understand the importance of finishing our actions.

"We have to have that killer instinct. At this point in the season, that should not be mentioned.

"In the final third, you get set and finish. We immediately have to improve.

"In the past games, it was execution. Today, it was delays in making decisions.

You have previously stated that you have 'non-negotiables' - in the last eight games where you've picked up one win, do you think your side have shown them?

"I think so. Today, in the first half, we weren't at our best. 

"We weren't in our best mood. That's something we have to look at, we were shy.

"We did start to get better until our first opportunity with Puscas' header. That would have changed the game.

"We were looking for that critical moment. 

"It's the pressure of the moment that makes you feel like that, not the non-negotiables."

It was perfectly achieved with the pefromance and the momentum we bult. Also, others adjusted.

Have you been happy with the application over the eight games?

"We're all giving the best at this point, with all the circumstances.

"If I saw something different, you can bet we would take action on that.

"Definitely, I have full belief in the group.

"We are not going to give up. I wish (pause), I don't want to say it.

"We will fight until the end.

Are you sure you don't want to say what you were eluding too?

"No. That's it."

After Sheffield Wednesday, you said that you've promoted and given a platform to a lot of players.

Do you think there may be an element of those players being slightly distracted by their hype and perhaps looking ahead rather than to the present?

"That is something everyone has to deal with. If that is true, then you're still not ready to perform at the highest level.

"The distraction can be praise or it can be criticism. 

"You have to know that in professional sport, how to deal with that.

"I do not know why we're trying to throw things and discuss these things. It's football. 

We get out there every day, work hard, prepare for every single game. Those things happen.

"Along the way, things happen and you have to take care of that.

"That's all.