All Reading FC players will be tested for coronavirus next week amid an increase in cases across the country.

Clubs across the EFL do not carry out regular tests and rely on players reporting any symptoms to the club. 

However, ahead of the scheduled FA Cup games on the first weekend of 2021, all 72 EFL clubs will carry out universal testing next week.

Increased concerns have been raised by clubs across the country, with the Premier League this week returning its highest number of positive tests this season.

Between December 21 and 27, the League tested 1,479 players and club staff and 18 tested positive.

This was the highest number of confirmed cases in a single round of testing.

Millwall, Rotherham, Ipswich, Sunderland, Hull, Doncaster, Peterborough, Portsmouth and Morecambe have also been hit over the last week.

The EFL is investigating the circumstances of each club's outbreak and could issue fines or points deductions if it finds its Covid-19 guidelines were broken.

Points could also be deducted if clubs refuse to play when the EFL say it is safe to do so.