Reading FC supporters group Club 1871 are planning to display a flag at the Madejski Stadium to honour the victims of the terror attack in Forbury Gardens on Saturday evening.

The group have launched an appeal to find a printing company who can produce the flag immediately.

In a thread of Tweets, the official account for Club 1871 posted: "On 20/06, a man changed the lives of many & our town forever.

"Alongside many others, we want to do something for both the victims & the town. We're looking to have a large flag printed for the stadium to represent the unity of our town, as well as pay respects to the victims.

"We need your help. We’re looking for a printing company who could turn this around for us quickly, for a fair price.

"We’ve had quotes ranging from £600-£2500, but none of them can get the flag to us in less than 2 weeks. 

"If anyone has contacts, or their own equipment, we have the means to pay. We try not to ask for help too often, but right now we really need yours, to help us honour the dead and showcase our town & club unity.

"We will not be beaten by fear, & we will all make it through together." 

Click here if you can help.