During the unprecedented stoppage of the football season as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, lots of talk on social media has turned to the club's finances and how the club has performed as a community asset during the lockdown period.

With contentious issues such as player wage deferrals and season ticket refund schemes now clarified, many Royals fans have praised how the club have performed during the season suspension.

Listed below are thoughts and opinions from Royals fans, discussing how the player's and senior management have conducted themselves during such an uncertain time.

"Personally I don’t think the club could have done anymore than they have.

"The options they gave for the remaining games gives everyone a choice so people can’t really complain and with the wage deferral it was done in the best interests of the club and I’m sure as fans we’d rather see this than our club in even more financial turmoil."

"I think the club offering multiple options for refunds is a nice gesture. I think fans should be happy with the options they’ve been given considering the circumstances.

"Everyone knows the club doesn’t have lots of money so I think the club has gone beyond what was expected of them.

"The club, like every other single football club in the country, is going through something never experienced before, and it's clear that it's definitely hit Reading hard - Nigel Howe has said so himself.

"But, I am happy with how they have handled the situation. It's easy to look at footballers and request them to make a wage deferral - but everyone is in a different personal situation, and it's exactly the same when it comes to season ticket refunds.

"Everyone's financial position is different so it's good that the club have put on a number of different options in regards to season tickets.

"I understand it has been very difficult for the club, players and staff during this period. It has taken time for negotiations to be made regarding wage deferrals, but I’m pleased that they eventually came to an agreement and the wages have been deferred by players and staff.

"I think the club has been excellent as they have provided us fans with several options of what we can do about our season tickets."

"Ultimately the correct decisions came with regards to wage deferrals and season ticket refunds however particularly in terms of the players wage deferrals the decision was made too late.

" As soon as it became clear football was not being paused just for the short-term a lay deferral should have been taken immediately.

"That said, some of the community work undertaken by some of the players particularly Liam Moore should be applauded. Phoning vulnerable fans and joining fan based podcasted were great gestures and went a long way."

"I think the club can come out with a huge lot of credit. The wage referral though not easy to finalise, sends a positive message as does the free access and options for Season Ticket holders.

"Players like Liam Moore and Tom McIntyre have a lot of interaction with fans. Through the podcasts and phone calls, it really helped fans who needed a boost and was so sincere and genuine.

"To be one of first clubs to offer free tickets to frontline workers, when fans can return to game is a real heart warming gesture that will be appreciated by so many."

"Given the clubs financial situation, and the fact that many lower paid staff were furloughed, I wasn't particularly impressed with how long it took the players to take a wage deferral but better late than never I suppose!

"The option for season ticket holders to choose a financial package that suited them was definitely a bonus.

"Another thing that I was a big fan of was the actions of individual players such as players taking over the the clubs Instagram for a day, players appearing on podcasts and also the work of Liam Moore who spent an evening phoning fans who were struggling during lockdown.

"All of these may seem like small gestures but they definitely go a long way in engaging the community and giving people just a slight football fix."

"I think the club have handled it as well as they could have.

"This is completely alien territory to them as a football club but also a business, a business in an industry built on debt. I understand certain fan's frustrations relating to the lack of communication up until recently but the club were in a financially perilous situation before the pandemic, and to have to continue to pay the wages of staff on thousands of pounds a week without any sustainable form of income for the foreseeable future is daunting.

"An argument of 'why don't you furlough the players?!' was occasionally bandied around on social media but that wouldn't have worked as the player's outgoings (rightly or wrongly) would have far exceeded the £2.5k per month cap.

"From the club's perspective, the reputational damage of being the only club in the Championship to furlough players would've been substantial.

"I'm not a season ticket holder, and I purchased the 4 match bundle at Christmas and only ended up using 1 of the 4 matches prior to the pandemic. From my perspective, I'm delighted that I'm able to carry over the remaining games until a time when fan's are allowed back.

"For the season ticket holders, there was a lot of flexibility in the options available which was fantastic to see."

"I think the club have done fine during lockdown, maybe communication could have been better, something just to say ‘it’s being sorted’ to calm people down and you could say they were a bit slow sorting everything out but to be honest there was no huge rush and the outcome is the same.

"The season ticket options are variable and fair suiting numerous requirements."

"During the lockdown they club had done really good with the online learning for kids and looking out for people one player for me is Tom Mcintyre who streams on Twitch and really likes to have fun with fans and look out for people.

"The club has also done really good offering refunds I have personally taken iFollow on my season ticket to help the club out. I also like the fact that they’ve got the option to give to their charity."

"The club seemed a bit quiet at the start but have pulled through in the end. Howe and Bowen set the example on the wage deferrals and the players just seemed to be ensuring everything was in order before sorting theirs.

"The season ticket refund offer seems to cater for all needs so pretty happy."

"I've been critical of the wage deferral to be honest. No way it should have taken that long.

"They got paid full wages for the entirety of April, without kicking a ball or leaving their houses. Yes they've made the effort now (not that we know numbers) but it took far too long in my opinion. If Bowen could defer as quick as he did, why couldn't the players?

"Season Tickets they have handled it very well in my eyes. options for all. Many rose tinted glasses fans think anyone asking for credit/refund are harsh. But I don't. People have families and commitments.

"As I said to someone on twitter. If I approached our owner randomly in the street in a years time and asked for him to just hand me £80. Would he do it? Not a chance. FYI I will be taking the credit option, off next seasons ST."

"The club are a shining example of how to treat loyal football fans fairly. I really do hope the majority of fans don’t ask for the discount unless financially they need to. Very proud to support Reading FC as always."

"As a season ticket holder I think the clubs offer of complimentary iFollow plus options of rebate, donation or using balance in future fair & reasonable.

"In regards to the clubs performance, im not sure we have relayed information quickly and clearly enough. Some fans at this point are still unsure if they are getting refunds for season tickets, so clearly the information isn't being explained well enough.

"I also see lots of other clubs doing lots of content to keep fans entertained, with player interviews at home, and other clever initiatives. I do think we could have done more."

"I think the club have largely dealt with everything in a reasonable manner. Players have taken the wage deferral, and even though it came quite late, it's still a positive move.

"The club absolute had to offer season ticket refunds if people wished to take them. Despite the sentiment from a lot of fans that the club should keep the money, many fans could use that to pay for essentials. It's absolutely the right thing to do."