Former Reading FC captain Jobi Mcanuff has raised concerns about the impact that Covid-19 is having on the BAME community.

The likelihood of death from Covid-19 is significantly higher among England’s BAME groups than the general population, analysis by University College London (UCL) scientists indicates.

They found the risk of death from the virus for black African groups was 3.24 times higher than the general population.

In people of Pakistani background it was 3.29 times higher, 2.41 times higher for Bangladeshi, black Caribbean was 2.21 times higher, and Indian was 1.7 times higher.

According to the study, which has not been peer reviewed, there was a lower risk of death from Covid-19 for white populations in England.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Mcanuff said: "When you look at the statistics relating to the effects of Covid-19 on the black community and other BAME groups, it is really shocking.

"The disproportionate amount of deaths and criticial illnesses amongst that group is really shocking.

"I hope people at the Premier League, other football clubs and the players themselves are really taking note of the situation because it is something that is affecting that group in particular.

When asked whether he'd feel safe to return to action in the space of the next couple of months, the former skipper said that he does not feel the players safety currently can be guaranteed.

"I have not been privy to some of the restart guidelines and precautions that are supposedly going to be given to the footballers and the clubs to abide by.

"It's going to come down to individual decisions. Once those measures are put in place it's going to be up to the players to decide.

"At the moment, if I am going to be blunt, the answer would be no. I don't feel that safety can be guaranteed in the climate that we are in."