Reading FC chief executive Nigel Howe has confirmed that he remains hopeful that owner Dai Yongge will invest further into the squad, despite increased pressure from FFP regulations.

Last month, the club released their latest accounts - which showed that Reading had an operating loss of £40.6m in 2018/19.

Worryingly, the club paid a staggering £225 in wages for every £100 of income.

Despite these pressures being magnified further during the indefinite suspension amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Howe has confirmed that he does not believe the current financial situation will be proving too difficult for the owner.

Speaking on BBC Berkshire, Howe said: "I've had no indication from the owner that he is finding the way the club's finances look at the moment a difficulty. Clearly, he is like every other owner at the moment.

"I use that phrase because I'm asked all the time about when the season might start again, when there might be crowds - but I don't know.

"Every week we have the EFL meetings and the same questions are asked and we are as close to government as you can get, and they simply don't know. All I can do is hope that Mr Dai continues to support the club as he has done since he started to invest."

"His ambitions are to take Reading to the highest level and he believes passionately the way to do it is to have this level of player.

"He knows there is a certain level of gambling in that, but if you believe you buy an asset for X, you should be able to dispose of it in a similar way as long as it is reasonably protected."