Players from both Reading FC Women and the club’s U23 squad have been placed on the government’s furlough scheme.

The news follows a previous announcement from the club, confirming that a significant number of the club’s non-playing staff have also been placed on the scheme.

Despite a large number of both playing and non-playing staff being put on the government scheme, Reading’s first team players have not yet reached an agreement as the stalemate continues over their immediate financial future.

Both Mark Bowen and Nigel Howe have already agreed to defer substantial portions of their salaries in the coming months to help with the club’s immediate financial future

Chief executive Nigel Howe voiced concerns about the lack of action from the players on BBC Berkshire, stating: “I've always seen us there at the forefront of and always leading the way in terms of doing the right thing in football one way or the other.

“If we don't get to an agreed deferment I think it would be a sad day for Reading.”