Following the announcement that the football season will now not resume until the end of April at the earliest - many football fans have been left feeling bereft at the idea of facing over a month more at minimum without football.

Of course, with the growing impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on the health of some of the most vulnerable people in society - a shortage of football does seem to pale into relative insignificance at the moment.

With so much uncertainty currently about what the next few months may hold for not only the sporting calendar but society as a whole - we wanted to lighten the mood slightly.

We invited Royals fans to reminisce and share memories of their first game, and what made them fall in love with Reading Football Club.

Below are a sample of stories that document the moment that Reading first came into the hearts and minds of fans. 

Mike Servedio: "I'd only been watching the Prem for a few years (we only got it regularly in the States in the early 2000s) when Reading were promoted the first time. I didn't have a team and decided on the Royals because I enjoyed the style of football under Steve Coppell.

"There was two Americans in the team, including one of my favorite US players, Bobby Convey. I've stuck with the team through relegation, playoff final loss, another promotion, another relegation to the last few seasons struggling to stay up in the Championship.

"I've made it to one match, in 2013 right after the team had been promoted. An entertaining 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace where Jason Roberts was sent off."

Cass Fox: "Went to my first match on 13th March 2004, a goalless draw vs Stoke City. I became a ST holder for next season. It's easy to say this with hindsight but watching the football has helped me cope with autism so much in later life."

Raidraig Curran: "Born into a family full of Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham fans, Reading FC used to come around to my primary school and do after school/holiday sessions that i went to, cheap tickets offered as a result and nothing beats being there, fell in love and the rest is history."

Andy Charman: "Elm Park, The Southbank and a 3-1 win over Gillingham was my first experience of live football at age of 9. From that moment I was hooked. Given some of the miseries I have suffered since that time at the hands of Reading FC  maybe my dad should’ve been prosecuted for child abuse!"

Simeon Pickup: "We have an inadvertent family tradition of belatedly supporting Reading. Gramp grew up in Leamington Spa before supporting Reading when he moved down after marrying grandma, mum eventually copied gramp and her brother in going to Elm Park rather than a family engagement.

"I was a Man United fan when very young, but mum started taking me when I was 9. First game: Sunderland 2-0 home loss in 2004. Eventually fell in love with it, started going on my own in 2012. Made my uni choices based on proximity to Reading."

Jamie Seymour: "My Dad took my to my first game at Elm Park in the 94/95 season, it was a 0-0 draw against Portsmouth. But what a season it turned out to be.

"Lost my Dad earlier this year so extra special memories of that season at the moment."

Michael Bassett: "My uncle took me to elm park 56 years ago and in 1973. I met a young girl who loved Reading as much as I do we married in 1974 and been obsessed with the club ever since."

Rob Morris: "It’s all my Dads (RIP) fault. Thanks Dad, without you I’d never have known Reading FC and all those highs and lows."

Matheus de Andrade: "For me. Being on the terraces as a kid. Going to the pub before, seeing players outside the ground before games greeting people."

Tin Pot: "Stood in the Tilehurst end as a kid with my dad and just hearing everyone sing in unison and being enthralled by the unity and noise.. especially on days like beating Mark Mcgee's Wolves."

Matthew Cassell: "Middlesbrough 06. Amazing atmosphere, amazing comeback. I remember being in the north stand and for about 10 minutes there was a rendition of "we're the left side we're the left side we're the left side of the stand.... we're the right side..."

Chris: "Made in Berkshire, born in Berkshire. Met my wife in Berkshire, married in Berkshire. Daughter born in Berkshire. Bit of a no brainer really. (Mind you Reading did have the nerve not to sign me after a trial at Elm Park.)

Ryan Sheehan: "Initially supported Liverpool as a kid as that's the team I was first introduced to as my dad and older sister supported them, but when I started school I started taking an interest in Reading FC as I walked past Elm Park on the way to and from school & have supported them since."

David Andrews: "Lived in Reading from the age of six. One afternoon went to the old Dixons in Reading town centre.

Hit autographs from Mark MGhee and Shaka Hislop etc. Summer 1994 it was, I entered a competition at the signing event and won two tickets to see Reading play at Elm Park. I was 10. Now I'm coming up to 36 - Reading 'till I die!

Andrew Taylor: "I followed them from Bracknell though the Evening Post. My Dads friend took me to my first real game (went to Simod final). It was the day Madejski took over. A lad on debut called Stuart Lovell scores the winner on debut. Never looked back."

Conor O'Byrne: "Think it was 1996 v QPR, in the Southbank, the chant of "Rufus is a dogs name, woof, woof, woof" to Rufus Brevett who subsequently got sent off. It's my funniest football memory."